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Emergency Support Function Definitions
ESF #1 - Transportation
Aviation/airspace management and control, transportation safety, Restoration/recovery of transportation infrastructure, movement restrictions, Damage and impact assessment.
ESF #2 - Communications
Coordination with telecommunications and information technology industries, Restoration and repair of telecommunications infrastructure, Protection, restoration and sustainment of national cyber and information technology resources, oversight of communications within the Federal Incident Management and response structures.
ESF #3 - Public Works and Engineering
Infrastructure protection and emergency repair, Infrastructure restoration, Engineering services and construction management, Emergency Contracting support for life-saving and life-sustaining services..
ESF #4 - Firefighting
Coordination of Federal firefighting activities, support to wildland, rural, and urban firefighting operations
ESF #5 - Emergency Management
Coordination of incident management and response efforts, issuance of mission assignments, resource and human capital, incident action planning, financial management.
ESF #6 - Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing and Human Services
Mass care, emergency assistance, disaster housing, human services.
ESF #7 - - Logistics Management and Resource Support
Comprehensive, national incident logistics planning, management and sustainment capability, resource support (facility space, office equipment and supplies, contracting services, etc).
ESF #8 - Public Health and Medical Services
Public health, medical, mental health services, mass fatality management
ESF #9 - Search and Rescue
Life-saving assistance, search and rescue operations
ESF #10 - Oil and Hazardous Materials Response
Oil and hazardous materials (chemical, biological, radiological, etc) response, environmental short- and long-term cleanup.
ESF #11 - Agricultural and Natural Resources
Nutrition assistance, Animal and plant disease and pest response, Food safety and security, Natural and cultural resources and historic properties protection and restoration, safety and well-being of household pets.
ESF #12 - Energy
Energy infrastructure assessment, repair and restoration, energy industry utilities, coordination, energy forecast.
ESF #13 - Public Safety and Security
Facility and resource security, security planning and technical resource assistance, public safety and security support, support to access, traffic, and crowd control.
ESF #14 - Long-Term Community Recovery
Social and economic community impact assessment, Long-term community recovery assistance to States, local governments, and the private sector, analysis and review of mitigation program implementation.
ESF #15 - External Affairs
Emergency public information and protective action guidance, media and community relations, congressional and international affairs, tribal and insular affairs.